State of Conspiracyby Mark Hallyburton
May 23, 2012
Boy, everyone loves a good Whodunnit. From JFK to Clue to the nightly news, our lives are inundated with unsolved mysteries that keep the talking heads employed and the wise eerily silent. With all due respect to former presidents and childhood board games, this post addresses the very current, very hush-hushed mysterious death (and resulting mysterious death) of one of the world's greatest truth pirates, Andrew Breitbart. A truly fearless patriot, Breitbart was a gunslinging workaholic for Freedom, Inc., fighting the daily war against the great U.S. political money machine. Everything ultimately revolves around money, and our land-of-the-free [sic] democracy [sic] is no different. Andrew followed the scent of corruption straight to the top, and the day before his scheduled release of damning footage that would have reportedly sunk Barack Obama's 2012 campaign, the man dies on the sidewalk? Of a heart condition? How many times have YOU seen anyone die on the sidewalk, much less someone waving a political whistle?! Pause. Reflect. Continue. Luckily, Obama may not need Breitbart's help this November, but the fact that the timing of his death was just so darn coincidental set off a wave of conspiracy theories, most of which point the responsibility finger directly at the POTUS himself.

Ok, back it up, Jack. Who exactly are these so-called "conspiracy theorists?" They're those crazies whose ideas don't go along with the mainsteam, who raise their hands, ask questions, and follow the scent of poop all the way to the pooper. When David Blaine/Copperfield flies into the stratosphere or makes the Statue of Liberty disappear, it is the conspiracy theorists' natural doubt and lack of gullibility that forces their BS detectors off the charts. Wait – you don't believe all that illusionary magic, either? Then welcome to the club! Your conspiracy theories separate fact from fiction on a daily basis, keeping you a step ahead of free online degrees, incredible Nigerian financial opportunities, and of course, those pesky enlarged penises.

Now that we're all established, card-carrying members, let's get back to ol' Andrew. So he says he has this incriminating evidence, video footage, the works, likely the pinnacle of years of trailblazing poop-detection, and he suddenly dies a mere 24 hours before releasing it to the world. Don't we remember what Jack Bauer can accomplish in 24 hours? World-changing stuff, folks. Then, because our cake had no icing, a forensics specialist in the L.A. Coroner's office dies in his home days later, ironically the very day Breitbart's official report is released. Are you kidding me? Doesn't anyone smell that? The "birthers" sure do, but that's another topic for another day… and lucky for our President, if he isn't American, those Kenyans sure can run.

So follow the poop, people. Whenever there's "Breaking News!" on the major networks, or the interweb buzz starts trending wildly, try your darnedest to look away from the shiny object just long enough to see what's really going on. When an elected official nobly fights to purportedly "save the children," take the time to sniff out the money trail. And when you discover it's totally bogus, be an American, shut the hell up, and sip your Kool-Aid.

I'll be on the sidewalk.

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